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Monday, 4 January 2010

Live Through This - Asking for It

Song from my favourite album by Hole.

I 'live through' most of those songs - including this one. Too right I fucking ask for it - and I always ask nice, more than twice, two, three times if that is what it takes......

I will ask for something today. If my bloody man has some C he'd better give me some, he knows I deserve it after the shit I've put up with lately, and with any luck I'll have some cash too. My fridge is empty, so my belly needs filling as much as my damn nostrils anyway.

Who knows, if I'm really lucky I might get a shag tonight as well. I aint had one off him since Xmas, I have been so frustrated in that department as well. Life sucks at times, something has to be delivered today!

You might wonder why I say this, judging by what I do for living. But sex with a stranger is worlds apart from that with a partner, ask any woman who has done what I do and she'll tell you the same. Men just don't always get it. Sex for money is cold, and I don't want to always be in the cold - in more ways than one.

As a Velvet Underground song put it - 'it's so cold in Alaska'. Yes, it is indeed. Some of it may be 'all in my mind' but much of it is too real.

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