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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Ice T's Pimpology - Gangsta Rap, etc......

Now, I like Ice T. He's funny, sardonic, intelligent. I respect that.

There is a white guy called Necro (abb for necrophilia) who bangs on about being a coke pimp and it is simply boring misogynist crap. If you must rap about that, get it right. Show some brains.

There's a manual I've seen online about the art of pimping women. The guy is one cold dude. He doesn't admit to being a cokehead but the signs are clear.....He talks of the same games I've seen and played along with. He brags about subjecting a 'ho' to sexual humiliation with his buddies then gives her 'something' to make her 'feel better'. What was this, a line, a gram, sex?

There was an experience I may recount later, but in one such game a guy asked me what would I rather have, a line of charlie or sex and affection from my man. I refused to answer the question.

I have a strange kind of respect for a true 'player'. Now I am a musician and write lyrics about my experiences - from a female perspective. I write lyrics about the kind of stuff I've written about on this blog. I kind of think this guy would respect me on some level, for understanding the nature of the 'game'. I write rap, rock to play on guitar and sing - from the perspective of a 'ho' rather than a pimp.

Someone finds me exasperating because I have the brains to understand the nature of the 'game' but on some masochistic level appear to still want to play it. He has a point.

But sometimes I feel sometimes I have little choice. If you see my other posts you'll get the drift. Why is coke associated with this 'game' and not other drugs? Why is the term 'coke' or 'crack' whore commonly used but not 'smack' whore - although women do sell services in order to support heroin habits?

I know why but it is hard to articulate. 'Snow Love' was a term Ice T used. He has more brains than Necro and is poetic, puts it better. Soon I may post some of my lyrics - I have one song where 'dust' rhymes with 'lust'.

Cocaine is is an upper which increases the libido and turns up everything. Heroin, a downer, dulls the libido and turns all down, a physical addiction rather than a mental one. Hence coke dependency and mental, emotional dependency is a dangerous mix. Men with bags of white dust may spell a deadly mix if you are weak enough - powder power, snow love. Men who flog coke get cynical - is it them that women want or their coke?

But selling coke is a status symbol. Although drug dealers are regarded as scum in straight society, in some circles a cocaine dealer is highly looked up to. Bear in mind, people who buy coke are from various backgrounds - not all are pimps, hoes, crims although a lot are. Some are wealthy, middle class people with highly paid jobs.

Unlike smack dealers, coke dealers mix in various circles. Although in the eyes of the law they are criminals, there are sectors of wealthy society they are welcome in, parts of the capitalist world. These are the people whose parties a 'ho' like me can never attend - I must stick with the crims, lay back with the brutes. A coke dealer must be a cold man to do what he does, ruthless, cynical. At the same time he must be all things to all people. Not an easy job. He is in great demand. He is popular not due to who he is but what he has and does. Money is attractive to women - so is coke.

It costs me a lot to be with such a man, although he does not flog large amounts.

Obviously there is more to him than this - but the nature of what he does makes him feel the need to be cold, ruthless etc. The truth is he aint got much right now - else he would not be relying on me so. We are still waiiting to score. But he has aspirations and so do I. I am getting colder too. He wants his money, so do I. I am becoming more of a ruthless capitalist day by day.

I once was a socialist. But greed for dust makes me more motivated for cash. Make a fortune, can I buy love? Perhaps not, but the effect of a strong upper compensates for it. Mixed with sex and affection it is 'like no other love you feel. 'Waiting for the man'......


  1. Game aside, where would you be? Or is the game simply the only place you want to be?

  2. I'm mixed up right now - I'm quite artistic and want to focus on my music and writing - if you see some of my other posts I mention this. So this game is not the only place I want to be, nor a place I want to be forerever. Doesn't mean I want to stop coke completely, want to be more succesful with my writing, music, enough to be able to use weekends recreationally again and be less dependent, so to speak. It's something to work towards though - but while we are in this awful position right now (having no money, and waiting for coke) I feel the options are limited. Once we get ourselves on our feet and the business and finance improves we can work more on sorting our lives out. Maybe then the dreams might come true - I can be all I want to be and Jason can make real his little projects (and not just rely on the sale of coke or sex, or other risky law breaking endevours he indulges in sometimes).