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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Feeling Better....

Don't like to speak too soon.....but although things are still far from ideal, I'm feeling better than I was. Had quite a pleasant relaxing evening last night for a change, got a little high etc. Hope things continue ok.......with a bit of luck business should improve and we should be back on our feet, I hope. Should try get my head around to practising some music soon, been neglecting it a bit due to my head state and lack of time, stress etc. I couldn't continue like that, feeling depressed all the time left me unmotivated to do much of anything. I'll get round to cleaning this joint up soon.....I haven't been calling it a dirthole for nothing.


  1. Well that's good news. Good luck with the whole cleaning thing. That always sucks.

  2. Making music is a great idea. I sometimes sing
    while I'm cleaning, then again those are rare
    and precious occasions ...

  3. Indeed cleaning sucks......I didn't get round to all of it, damn turbulence reared it's ugly head.....but I'm ok now...little voice is whispering in my ear....Just listening to the Ramones! New post soon xx