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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Cold in Alaska....

For some reason I was unable to upload the Velvet Underground song 'Stephanie Says'...but link here:

Check out the song on You Tube. I got high last night, but was cold inside and the snow is on the ground still. Wish I could sniff the contents of the pavement, lol.

My man once said he was not a knight in shining armour but a 'ray of light' in my world. This light has burnt me true. White light, white fucking heat indeed to quote Lou Reed again. I'm either too close to the sun and get burnt or I freeze in the cold - a happy medium is rare these days. Dualities again.

But hell, today aint that bad. I am not flat broke, and got a little high. And he has been relatively decent, cos he knew last night I'd had enough of the way he's been with me the last few weeks or so.

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