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Friday, 15 January 2010


A drug related song I wrote which I play on guitar.....Funny that someone who saw it didn't even get the blatant references to drug use, although this was somebody who wasn't naive about them.....this guy thought it was just a dark love song!


Intro: Cadd9 (032030), (x5405x), (x7607x)

Am G
Night's at an end and I aint slept a wink,
Am Em
I push too far and I am at the brink,
Am G
From the day I was born I was made for this role,
Am Cadd9 Em
And what the hell I don't wanna grow old.

Oh, hey, I've been battered and bruised,
Torn apart been burnt and abused,
I'm a lost girl I've been in the rain,
Come back here and please numb my pain.

Cadd9 G
Take all of me all I have left to give,
Cadd9 Am
I don't wanna die oh I still want to live,
Cadd9 G
I'll be your mirror I'm all covered in dust,
Em Cadd9 Am
I want what is yours and you've got my lust.

(Repeat Intro)

Take me to heaven just please take me home,
The night is cold I can't spend it alone,
I'll take the blame and I'll learn how to pay,
All yesterday's parties seem so far away.

You got my soul you know that I'll rock,
Give me the key and I will be your lock.
A happy ending may yet come to be,
Or then again you might just be the death of me.


Hey, you, know that you're in my veins,
Hey, you know that you drive me insane,
But you know I'm always ask for more,
Because I know you'll be there at my door.


  1. How sad and beautiful. You have a great talent! How do you feel when you sing? Hope you're doing ok today. I'll be out, then knocking back a slightly bigger dose than normal of sleepers. Spent all my money on bills, pills and thrills. I'm not complaining though, I know it's my fault. But whatever see's you through the day, eh. x x x

  2. Thanks, I'm glad you like it. I like to sing, at times my voice gets a bit hoarse but I find it a release. I'm ok today, did manage to earn a little bit last night. Hopefully might be able to get high later, something should be sorted tonight. Money will be tight as always, but again it's my fault. Another day, another dollar. Indeed, whatever sees you through xxx