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Friday, 29 January 2010

Art, Music, Madness etc.

You know what? I tire of people telling me that I am a good writer but my subject matter is either depressing or else it romanticises sleaze and dirt.

Well, to quote someone famous - if the quality of people's lives were wonderful, then they would write about sunshine, flowers etc. You get dirt you write about it, one writes about what they know. Simple really.

Besides, why should I try to write and sing syrupy, fake stuff? Where I to try to write about sunshine, flowers etc it would be corny, totally fake and my heart would not be in it.

I have been told that I should try to write happy times I have written upbeat stuff, I don't just live and breathe negativity. But why should I try, why not just say how it is? Better that way....

A lot of what I write is angry or sad....because art for me is cathartic. If I am content I have little to get off my chest, a lot of people admit it is far harder to write happy stuff....when I do I must try and even then it aint about corny shit like sunshine and flowers.

Music is from the heart, so is poetry, literature etc. Look at blues....the root of most modern music! It aint called blues for nothing......Check out Janis Joplin, Billie Holiday etc. Funk, rock and reggae are based on blues. Most music, including classical, is associated with addiction or madness.....I know it is a cliche about creativity and madness but it seems to ring true.....I doubt a lot of the most talented artists and musicians would have created what they did without their mad made them what they were.

Not that I claim to be anything great, wishing to pump my ego etc - despite the fact I got high earlier. I used to read a lot of Freud......I wrote a few essays on psychodynamics while under the influence. I never knew he'd done a lot of coke (when it was cheap and legal) til a few years later.....explains a few things about that man's strange ideas, some of which I think may be true or partially so....others of which may have been the ravings of an eccentric. But I've always liked psychology as much as art, lit and music......
Perhaps cos I am mad and long to fathom myself out as much as others.


  1. Madness is horrible for the average but a blessing for the talented. Don't apologize for being dark, happy, addicted, sober, batshit crazy or criminally sane. The world has never been changed by the timid or modest. Love your voice and emit its flavor to everyone. Those that don't like can go away. What great artist has ever been appreciated by his peers? Judge generations after. People living now can't understand people that are ahead of their time.

  2. Thanks so much for the's nice to find people who see what I'm getting at! I got tired of apologising for what I am.....I developed the attitude that if people don't like what I am they can go.........

  3. I think you write very well, and think it's interesting to read because it's real. I may like or dislike what you write about; so what? The important thing is that I always find it interesting and facinating. Keep up your good writing, never apologize for what you are, be yourself. That's what makes your blog great.

  4. Please don't listen to them or censor yourself. What you and I do and feel is real and may be a million miles away from the 'normal' people, but you don't sugarcoat anything, and you shouldn't have to. I appreciate your candour and respect you for it. Those that don't have bigger problems than we do!

  5. Thanks guys....I often find I don't like or agree with people's views....but I read them if it's interesting and they write well. I've always been told I'm a good writer, had a go at journalism I thought fuck it, why not write about my current situation?

    Nice to know people read me here without judging me....I don't censor myself anymore and apologise to nobody......Indeed 'normal' people don't have a clue because their lives are so far 'normal' friends were concerned for a while but are now shunning me because I made no apologies and refused to play the victim, be rescued etc.

    I'm always candid about whatever it is...but it gets me in trouble at times as some guys don't like it, esp from a woman and a whore at that......the people who take the most offence and get annoyed at how I speak funnily enough tend to be junkies, maybe because I say how it is and it gets painful for them to read, too close to home.

  6. i love this post; it is something i think about often. i have been told to write about happy things by people as well; that my poetry is "depressing". writing for me is therapeutic, so i don't feel the need to 'get out' the happy or good things in my life. i don't know many people that write about happy things, and i think reading about them is boring and sappy...
    it doesn't mean we don't have good aspects in our lives, and it doesn't mean that we want to go's just expression and an outlet for the negative aspects/memories/etc.